Importing Windows Mail data from archive after Vista>8 upgrade.

I have just installed eM Client having upgraded from Windows Vista to Windows 8 using the Microsoft upgrade software and selecting to retain personal files but not Windows settings.

I previously used Windows Mail and had a large number of archived emails, folders and contacts. I backed these up by saving the entire Windows Mail folder onto an external drive and the info is also retained in the “old windows” folder automatically created during the upgrade process.

I would like to import all my folders, contacts and emails into eM client so I can refer to my archive and information. If I choose “Import from Windows Mail” under the eM Client import option I receive a message saying that as Windows Mail is not installed on the system the import cannot be continued.

By upgrading to Windows 8 all programmes are removed and so I can’t have Mail installed for eM to find it. Is there a workaround so I can import the archived information from it’s stored location or another method of importing I am blindly missing?

Many thanks.

To workaround this, you can download and install Windows Live Mail (a part of Windows Live Essentials…)
After that, copy the old backed-up folder of Windows Mail into Windows Live Mail directory located in c:\Users_username_\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail\
Then choose the “Import from Windows Live Mail” option in eM Client.

hope it helps

Many thanks for your prompt and helpful response.

I wonder, though, if you could help a little further. When loading my previous (Vista, Windows Maill) into my new (8, Windows Live Mail) all my archive local emails & folders were stored into a section called “Storage folders”.

When I imported my Windows Live into my new eM Client it only transfers the settings for my two email accounts and not the archived locally stored emails.

I thought I could move them manually, from my windows mail storage area to the eM Client one. So, in eM Client I set up a test local folder and moved some recent emails from my imap Gmail account into them. If i search for the folder name on my c: nothing comes up, so I am confused where eM Client stores local folders and emails (no sign of the folders or email data in appdata\roaming\em client which is where ‘storage’ points to).

So, either a way to import local stored emails into eM or a workaround where I can manually move them to the eM storage area and then continue to use as my backup/archive locally afterwards.

eM Client stores all the settings and emails into the SQLite database (these are the files in appdata\roaming\em), so you cannot find it with Windows search.
There are several ways how to import import the Storage folders - the best and most convenient is probably to open Windows Live Mail and check the Storage Folders button in the View tab. If you then choose “Import from Windows Live Mail” you should see that Storage folders are now show among the other accounts.

I just discovered that the solution described above does not work, because there is a bug. The other way to import the Storage folders is however using the Eml import. In eM Client choose to import messages from a folder with .eml files, then choose the Windows Mail Storage folder and as a target folder select a folder form Local folders in em Client.

Brilliant. Thankyou very much, your “edit” method is working and 8000 emails are transferring across (note to self, really need to edit these down…)