Importing Windows Live Mail

I have used Windows Live Mail for many years but with no support I feel it’s time to move on. I am getting a new laptop. So I tried to trial version of eM Client on my current laptop and the importing from Windows Live Mail was easy but with my new laptop it wont have Windows Live Mail on there to import from but I need to do that because I have years of some saved email. Its it just as easy as copying my windows live mail save folder on to my new laptop? If I do that will eMClient find it or will there be a way to direct it to the windows live mail storage folder? As a last resort i can install windows live mail temporarily with all my email and then importing from that but I would prefer not to do that. Thank You.

Since you have already created an eM Client database containing all your emails, one option is to move the eM Client database to your new computer (use the same version of eM Client).

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Thanks for the reply. Im not sure that will work because on my old laptop I am using the free version and I can only import 2 accounts and I have a total of 5. When the new laptop arrives I intend to buy the full version.

Then I suggest you install the full version on your old PC first, import from WLM then deactivate the em Client licence and follow the instructions in the link above to move the emclient database to the new PC.

Re your suggestion to copy the WLM database to the new PC. I also used to use WLM many years ago and found that em client required WLM to be actually installed in order to import the database.


Thanks. That sounds easy enough to me. Appreciate it.