importing windows address book

I have windows 10 and am tryiing to import my windows address book into emclient.
The process is
file/import/import from widows address book
There are then 2 choices

  1. Try to detect file location
  2. Use specific file/C:\Users\Admin\Contacts
  3. Use specific file C:\Windows\WinSxS\x86_microsoft-windows-wab-app_31bf3856ad364e35_10.0.14393.0_none_13ff2d7835e7d193

Option 1 does not work at all.
Option 2 does not work at all.

The location of my windows address book (.wab) do not work either.
Both my email accounts work fine, but no contact lists.

Hello Gary,
what mail account are these Contacts connected to? Is it a Microsoft account?


Microsoft Windows Live Mail.

You probably need to Export the addresses in CSV format from Windows Live Mail, then Import that file to eM Client

Hello Gary,
what I meant is - are these local folders? Or are they connected to a mail account (Microsoft: outlook, hotmail, live, accounts? Gmail?)

Olivia - The files are contained on my computer in the following
The addressess have always been on my computer, I have 2 email addresses.
One hotmail and one via 1and1, all emails have been checked via pop3 (never by a web based page). The contacts are accessed via contacts in Windows Live Mail 2012 program.

John - I dont know how to do this :frowning:

All these companies make it sound so simple and suggest you can ‘easily’ import your addresses (when you use there program), but 8 hours later and still no resolution.

Thank you for your imput.

Hello Gary,
I just consulted the import with our team and all the imports are being reprogrammed currently, so it should be fixed in next version.

Either way, thank you for clarifying your situation, these are Local contacts then.
Since eM Client import does not currently work correctly, go to WLM Contacts section.
Click on one of your contacts and then press Ctrl+A to select ALL your contacts.
Then use the Export function as shown in this screenshot:

Choose Export>Comma separated values - then you can choose what all info should your contacts include.
Finish the export, a CSV file will be created in your computer (at a place you set).

Then, inside eM Client just use the Menu>File>Import>Import contacts from .csv file option and use your file from WLM.

Hope these steps will help you.