Importing .vcf contact files

If one has created more than one folder in Local Folders (i.e Contacts & Companies) they can be easily exported in Menu/File but reimporting does not find individual .vcf files and imports the two simultaneously.

To accomplish importation of the correct file, right click desired contact file, Open with eMclient, click Import and choose the desired destination folder.

That works fine for me. Maybe there was an instruction somewhere about this.

Also found that importing .csv files from Outlook creates Contacts with quite an amount of missing details which have to be edited.

Yeah, the import dialogue is for importing a whole folder.

To import either one or many vcf contacts, you can just drag them from Explorer into the desired contact folder in eM Client. Maybe that is easier.

When importing csv files, make sure to map the columns to the correct fields by selecting the correct destination field for each column. Even if you have chosen to resolve fields from the first line (if that is in your csv file), some may not be mapped, so those that say Unknown will not be imported. You will need to select those manually, and change others that may be mapped to the wrong field.

Also, notice there could be a scroll bar at the bottom to indicate there are more columns, so not everything is initially visible in the import window.

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