Importing Thunderbird Address book?

Hi, the existing threads are old and I see nothing online. How do I import all my thunderbird address books? My goal here is to have all the names and emails from my address book (around 10000) show up as contacts in EM client. THen I want EM Client to automatically merge them with gmail contacts which have all the phone numbers from using google voice.

Can this be done? Testing the program to move from thunderbird. We really need an email client that manages contacts well. If not EM client? What email client do you recommend?

EM client seems good at first glance but we really have to do this.

Also my 20 year old hotmail account doesn’t show any contacts. How do I do that as well?

In eM Client go to Menu > File > Import > Thunderbird. If you just want the address book, choose Import selected folders.

In the next window select the contacts folders you want to import, and follow the wizard to the end.

eM Client has a Deduplicator that can merge two copies of the same contact into one. It is intended to look for duplicates where you may have copied a contacts folder, and so have two copies of each contact. If one of them has since been edited, it can merge the data into one contact, but I don’t think that will work if you are looking to simply merge two contacts who happen to have the same name. You could try it though, maybe its functionality changed a bit.

Maybe not an appropriate question to ask on the eM Client forum.

If you have setup your Hotmail account in eM Client using the Automatic Setup, it should have created and synced those contacts. Go to the Contacts section of eM Client and look for the Hotmail folders.

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Thanks. I’ll try the solutions later today.

For hotmail, it shows all my folders in email view but nothing in contacts. Is there a way to just have EM client turn all those emails into contacts? The way thunderbird puts all emails into its address book?

No, there is no such feature in eM Client.

Ok. So I logged directly into the online outlook portal and it stores contacts as “people”. They don’t show up in contacts in EM. Maybe because EM automatically imported from Thunderbird? I’m assuming there is a way to do this.

Do I have to delete my hotmail account and then redo it?

First thing is go to the Contacts section in eM Client.

Is there a folder for your Hotmail account?

If there is, is it ticked?

If it is not showing there, go to your account settings.

Is AirSync selected?

No there isn’t. Only the email.
Air sync is not an option. Only smtp and imap