Importing Outlook e-mail rules

Is there a way to import rules from Outlook?

I have over 200 rules. Most of them are for sorting e-mails and notifying with a pop-up window, but over 200 rules is very long to recreate.

unfortunately this is not implemented yet. We have it on our todo list, but there are a lot requested features and improvements from our customers that needed to be targeted as well.

I have the same issue.
It would also be helpful if the Rules setup dialogue was linked to an eMail like “Move to Folder” so that the eMail address, subject, etc were filled in from the eMail into the Rules dialogue.

I will discuss it with the rest of our team, but I cannot promise you that it will be implemented.

I have the same request, to import rules from Outlook.
Indeed, because I can’t import my Outlook rules to my eM Client I’m left with the huge task of having to manage my emails all over again. This means, despite having bought eM Client, I forced to stick with Outlook 2007 till there’s a way round this (disappointed). The creation of many rules takes a considerable amount of time and is just too much work to carry out manually.