Importing: Not authorized to read file?

Hi - I created an .ics file from my previous software’s calendar. But, when I try to import to eM Client, I see a popup that says:

Errors during import

File: [Path} Error: You are not authorized to read file [Path]

I’ve imported from that path for contacts and emails. I’d love to fix this. Any ideas?


Is the path outside your user profile ? If it is, try putting the .ics file in your eg: “user / downloads” folder.

If it still won’t import, then check the properties of the file that you have “full access user rights” on it.

Thanks for the reply Cyberzork. After checking Properties and fiddling around for a while, I determined that I needed to include the .ics filename in the path in the Import window. All the others, I stopped at the folder containing the data. It worked fine after that.

Also, I have an open question about linking appointments (events) to contacts. Do you know anything about that? Is that possible to do? If not, is there a way to search or filter events by contact? If I put the client’s email address in the Participants field of the event, could it search against that? I am just coming up to speed, but I don’t see a search like that?


Ok great you got the .ics file imported.

Sorry I don’t know the answers to your second questions, but hopefully someone on the forum will be able to help you with that.

No one has responded to my other question yet. Is it typical for questions to go unanswered?

Is it typical for questions to go unanswered

Most posts get answered, but sometimes posts are unanswered “as we don’t always know the answers”.

This is a a free community forum and not official support, so if it’s not answered after sometime and you can’t find the answer in the eM Client documentation online, then if you have purchased eM Client Pro “it has 12 months of VIP support”, where you can go to the official Support page and login in at the top left and lodge a support ticket. An assigned engineer will then get back to you.

If you have run out of your support time, you can get another one year VIP support via the following page.

Thanks again, cyberzork. I didn’t realize that this forum wasn’t monitored by eM Client employee experts. That’s good to know.