Importing multiple profiles from Thunderbird

After many computer changes over the years, I find myself with multiple Thunderbird profiles (each containing several email accounts). I would love to be able to combine them all into the eM client version I just downloaded (8.0.3385 (83a873c)). I am running win10. When I choose import from the file menu in eMc, I see the option to choose complete accounts (thunderbird profiles) or files and folders. Is there any way to merge duplicates on import?

Once the import is complete, you can use eM Client’s Deduplicator tool (Menu > Tools > Deduplicator) to manage the duplicates.

Thanks, Gary! Can you tell me the criteria that eMc uses to decide if things are duplicated? Is it a full “diff” or just name, date and size?

I am not really sure.

I thought it may use the message ID, because that is unique to every single email, so I changed the message ID in a duplicate, and it still considered it. So it must consider a combination of other things. One that I do know it uses is the subject. If you manually change the subject in a duplicate, the Deduplicator will not consider them.