importing mails from The Bat! without losing folder structure

I want to migrate from The Bat! to eM client, but am confronted with loozing the folder structure in the bat ending up with all mails stored in one gigantic receiving folder in eM client.
That is no way to go with a large archieve of more then 100 folders and subfolders.
That makes is impossible to migrate in a sensible way and renders the import option to be a joke for any serious user. Is there any way to import mail, retaining the folder structure?
Moving through a fresh imap account is no option for the size of the archive and the number of emails involved.


Dear devs! Could anyone comment on that? I just bought a license and it turns out I can’t import mail from TheBat! During the import I can see that importer recognizes subsequent folders only does not create them in the emClient. This looks like a simple bug that should be fixed. Currently the import option is completely useless. Please answer me because seeing this post hanging here for 4 months without any explanation I’m afraid I made a mistake buying this program.

And one more thing. I have several accounts in TheBat and an average of 6000 messages in each of them. emClient imported about 3700 emails. There is something completely wrong here.

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my communication with emclient made clear they will not improve upon this, Consider it to be a simple way to import one specific folder from your thebat database. If you a looking for calender integration, maybe you should look at the software Intellect from Their freeware version does a good job on integration of email with a calender. It uses it’s own database format, so it does not connect to an exchange calender, although you can sync both on your local desktop. The only real weak point of this software is that it does not handle very well a really large inbox (> 1000 mails). It becomes a bit slow then. Lots of subfolders are no problem though.

Thank you for your answer. However, I will focus on the emClient. The key problem for me is the import of the extended directory structure. I don’t like the prospect of sitting for a few days and moving everything one by one.

The easy transfer of data from TheBat! is therefore only an empty advertising slogan. I am a programmer by profession and I can hardly imagine writing an importer that recognises catalogues but does not create them…  It is not logical. It’s actually a few hours of work. 

The possibility of easy import is crucial in gaining new customers, who probably already use other programs. This is a great advantage, here completely turned into a disadvantage. Instead of enjoying the purchase I am simply disappointed. I would still like to hear the answer from the authors.  Perhaps they will consider repairing this feature?