Importing Local Folders from Outlook for Mac to EM Client

Hi this is my first post.

I’ve been a Microsoft Outlook person for a long time, both for work and home. With the issues that Outlook has at the moment I needed to move from it to something the had similar features without the errors and problems I’ve had with Outlook.

I have only installed eM Client in the last hour and must say that initial feelings is that this could be the replacement! It looks like this has exactly what I’m looking for, however I have a few questions around first steps if I may ask the forums experts about:

  1. I have loads of local folders in Outlook. I move emails for home, work, orders, etc to their own offline folder for future reference. One thing that appealed to me straight away was that eM Client had local folder too, so I exported the outlook side into a .olm file and imported the local folders. However they don’t see to come back into the same folder paths that I would expect. Within outlook I have the path (as an example) ‘On My Computer/Orders’. I was hoping that when I imported them with the option to import to the root of '‘Local Folders’, that it would import this and create a folder of ‘Local Folder/Orders’, however it does not. When it imports I get a path of ‘Local Folders/Local/Orders’. I’ve tried to move the folders, however then I get more folders within folders! Is this something other people have seen and is there an easy way to import this without creating the extra ‘local’ folder? This isn’t a show stopper as I still have access to my local folders which is great.

  2. Signatures. When I create a new work email, I would expect the signuare to pop up once I tell the email client I am creating an email from my email account, however I see I have to select a template for this. Is there anyway to only pull in the signature rather than having to select a template? Again not a show stopper.

  3. PGP encryption. Love this option as again this is something Outlook doesn’t have itself. I’m not too familiar with this, does the email receive at the other end need to have something enabled for this to work?

  4. I’m only on the free trial version at the moment, as I will trial this next to outlook for. while. Does the trial version allow more than 2 email accounts, or is it similar to the free version and only allow 2?

  5. Is it worth investing in the ‘free updates’ option for eM Client? How many updates does the application get per year and are they just bug fixes or new features most of the time?

  6. Email Alias. I have an email account on my Apple iCloud. This is set up with a default email account and also an alias. The default account name isn’t very ‘work’ friendly, so hence the alias. One big issues I had with trying other email clients (and even the so called ‘New’ outlook), is that I can’t add an alias to an account in order for the email to be seen as sent from the alias and not the default email account. Is this possible with eM Client?

Thanks again for everyone who’s seeming my post and any feedback would be gratefully welcome.