Importing Incredimail - Emails saved as htm files


My family are switching all our computers from Incredimail to eM Client.

I’ve just done mine and while the incredimail emails are imported into eM Client and the folder structure etc is all retained they aren’t coming across as normal emails.

What I mean by that is if I now left click on any of the imported emails it is blank but with links to for example attachment.htm and bundy.jpg (picture of my dog). Every imported email has that attachment.htm

If I double click on attachment.htm the email comes up but in my web browser.

Is there anyway to import the incredimail emails as ‘normal’ emails rather than .htm files?

I have a trial program called Bitrecover Incredimail Converter Wizard which keeps the emails in a normal format but is limited to 25 emails only unless I fork out cash.

I am willing to do that but thought I would check if there is an easy way to do it for free first :slight_smile:

Hopefully I have explained myself properly.


Paul McDonald.

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If you open the webmail interface for your email account, can you see the same messages that were in Incredimail?

If you can, then it is not necessary to import from Incredimail. Just setup the same email account in eM Client, and it will also sync with the server.

Hi Gary,

Thanks for that.

I should have mentioned in the post that I am very much old school and only use POP3 so there is no copy on any server.

I know IMAP is what most people prefer but as I am on a disability at home and don’t have a smart phone I just didn’t need it.

Maybe I should have :slight_smile: