Importing Hotmail

Just started with Em Client because Windows Live Mail is shutting down on Windows 7 sometime around June 30th.
I did a Live Mail import and it worked for my Comcast Account, but none of the past emails from my Hotmail account that are on my computer imported.  I also noticed that my password wasn’t imported for Hotmail, so it can’t sign in to download mail.  I fixed that in the Account record, but nothing happened when I tried Send/Receive.
I then tried to Import again, and it set up new Comcast and Hotmail accounts and began importing Comcast (only) all over again.  I cancelled and deleted what I think were the newer accounts.
Too bad Rules don’t import for Comcast or Hotmail.
And too bad there’s no way to eliminate emails from the server once they’ve downloaded to my computer.
Hope someone can help.


Was your Hotmail account set up using POP3? If that is the case and the emails weren’t imported, please try exporting them to .eml files and import those in eM Client.


Thanks for your reply.
The account wasn’t set up using Pop3.
The password worked after I restarted Em Client a couple of times, and the account did finally load, including the stored older messages.
I’m gradually setting rules, and the options are more complete.  I can use Pop Peeper to delete emails from the servers once they’ve downloaded, I think.
Sorry I didn’t update my post sooner.