importing from windows live mail

I have Windows Live Mail installed on my old pc, which is not possible to install on my new pc so I have installed eMClient onto my new pc.  I am not able to properly import my emails and folders from WLM from the old pc onto eM Client on the new pc.  I am able to receive emails and I have all previous received emails downloaded into eM Client but only a few of the sent box items.  I exported my Contacts from WLM to an eml file and was able to import this into eM Client, however the Contacts folder does not include email addresses.  I cannot see how to import the list of email addresses form WLM so that and email address can be selected when creating a new message.  The Contact folder in WLM is not the same as the list of email addresses.  Also I cannot see how to import the folders from WLM. Any help would be much appreciated. I have read through several previous posts on the subjec but nothing works.

To get your contact email address’s, I would personally install Virtual Box from and then install eg: and old Windows if you still have your old Windows install disks. Then reinstall Windows Live Mail in Virtual Box and export your contacts as a .csv file and make sure you select to export email address’s before you create the .csv file. You can then import that .csv file into Gmail which will have all the email address’s intact. Once imported, EMClient will update the Gmail contacts and email address’s for each contact.

Open Google Contacts via a browser, then sign in with your Gmail account.

On the left, click More and then Import.
Click CSV or vCard file and then Select File.
Choose your file.
Click Import.

Thank you, however I am unable to install the old windows on the new pc and it is not possible to download WLM any more. I have the old pc backed up onto a Synology NAS and I can also access the old pc over my network, but cannot seem to restore WLM to my new pc. I did export the contacts from contacts folder on the old pc but this is not the same list as shows up when selecting the “To” when creating a new email.

I have successfully installed eM Client onto my old pc and the setup process imported all my contacts and storage folders from WLM, and past emails are correctly located in their respective folders.  When installing, emClient recognized that WLM was already installed and I was able to select this and everything was set up automatically. 
However I wish to import this onto my new pc. When setting up the import process, eM Client only recognised Outlook was installed on the new pc.  I do not use this and do not have emails set up on Outlook.  There is no option to select WLM. How do I get eM Client from my old pc onto my new pc?

The best way to accomplish this is on your old PC, copy the c:\users[user_name]\AppData\Roaming\em Client directory to a network location or removable media.  Then (close eM Client) and copy it to the new PC.

You can backup your EMClient from within EMClient and copy that backup file to your new PC. Then restore it. See EMClient FAQ.


The easiest way of moving your database to another device is to make a backup of your current database in Menu > File > Backup. eM Client will back up the whole application database into the folder selected in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Backup. You can also enable the option of automatic back ups in regular intervals here.

You can transfer this backup to a device of your choice and restore from it through Menu > File > Restore