Importing from Windows Live Mail to eM client does not work.

I was happy I found eM client, because we need an alternative to Windows Live Mail and this seemed like the perfect solution. Unfortunately, my first experience with eM client is one of disappointment:

  • When eM client recognized I was using WLM, I opted to import all the things it found during the  initial import steps: Mail Archive (POP 3), Gmail (IMAP), Some other stored folders that WLM uses),
  • I started well, but then almost at the beginning I get confronted with this error during import:

‘constraint failed
UNIQUE constraint failed: Folders.path’

What do I need to do? eM client failed to import almost everything that is in the Mail Archive (POP3) and this important Archive needs to be transferred. It contains old local mails and it also contains new mails that my parents move from their Gmail folders into this Archive. 

Help is much appreciated! Thank you.

(I am considering switching to Pro for myself (I own a 1-person business), but obviously not if I get confronted with these kinds of problems at the very start of my experience with eM client)

Hello Frank,

We’re sorry for the inconvenience. There will be new automatic import in the soon to be released version 7.1 that should prevent any of these errors from happening. In the meantime, we can unfortunately only recommend first exporting the e-mails manually from Windows Live Mail into the .eml format and importing them into eM Client through Menu ->File -> Import… ->Import from folder with .eml files.

Please let us know how it went.


Maurice, I as well am a new eM Client user and when my tech guy moved me over from Live mail to eM all my contacts are all mixed up (not in alphabetic order). Also, I got a Apple iphone 4 and when we synchronized it seems I cannot bring up individual contacts when I want to prepare a new email ? Can you help me…please!!!

Hello Terry,

Could you please describe when exactly the contacts aren’t in alphabetic order? If you click on the ‘Full name’ column in the Contacts tab in the left pane, will they get sorted alphabetically?

As for the iPhone issue, since our product isn’t for the Apple platforms, we unfortunately have no advice.


Maurice, please define “soon to be released” if you can. Before attempting to convert from Windows Live Mail 11 to eM Client, I’d like to use the latest and best version of import.

It’s hard to even consider moving to eM Client when a simple question like the one above doesn’t get any response in three weeks. Any info you can provide?

I have similar problem trying to import my accounts from Thunderbird. eM recognizes that I use it, told me to close it, and then when I selected Thunderbird to import from, it did not recognize any accounts at all. None. I tried again after I opened the program through the import feature, the same problem. I am using just the trial version, I am not willing to pay unless I know I can get all my email for the past 5 years into eM Client.