Importing from Thunderbird with a small problem

I had a few POP3 email accounts set up with Thunderbird. Yesterday, suddenly when I opened Thunderbird the profile was erased. So that means all the emails were still on my hard drive (in the app data/profile folder) but my Thunderbird installation does not detect any of them.

Since TB was being an unreliable outdated software, I deviced to move to emClient. 

My problem is, when I try to import from Thunderbird at the initial set up phase, emClient cant detect any Thunderbird accounts. Is there a way to import my emails from my TB profile folder to emClient? The emails are still there in my TB profile folder (on my hard drive) but I’m not sure in what format.

Please help me out. This is very important for me. Thank you all.

Hi Dan, glad you’ve chosen eM Client as your future email client, we hope it will be the last email client you’ll ever need, but unfortunately we’re unable to support Thunderbird issues and the client is currently does not have an existing support system.

Unfortunately POP3 accounts store all data locally and if the profiles were deleted, you may have lost all the local data.

Thank you,