Importing from Thunderbird non-standard location

New to eM Client. Converting from Thunderbird. I have my Thunderbird profile stored in a custom (non-standard) location (i.e., My Documents/Thunderbird). The eM Client Thunderbird import only seems to look in the standard location (/Users/Me/AppData/Roaming/Thunderbird). Is there any way to force import from a different location? I also imported an old Outlook pst file and the import tool let me search specify the location…

Hi Michael, unfortunately the Thunderbird import is tied to the default location as it is tied to the application (it has to be installed on the computer in order to import).
Import from a .PST file is a bit different so it let’s you chose the location.

Thank you for understanding, hope you can manage to use the current setting,

I don’t understand your answer. Thunderbird is installed on the computer and is configured to store  the data in an alternate location. eM client apparently does not check the Thunderbird configuration for the storage location and just assumes the default…

Hi Michael,

I’ve successfully imported my e-mails from Thunderbird into eM Client.

I’ve had a custom folder in which the e-mails were stored (on my D: drive), but my profile.ini was in the default folder.

So maybe you can also successfully import your e-mails if you copy your profile.ini file to the default folder where Thunderbird expects this file to be.