Importing from original .pst file

i have just downloaded emc5 free and am about to try and import from a .pst file from Outlook 2003 which was originally installed on an old Vista PC which crashed and burned and could not be recovered

i have subsequently purchased a new Windows 8 PC and it will not have Outlook installed on it. i will be working from the original .pst file which was recovered from the hard drive of the old Vista PC, which was not a backup or an exported .pst version from the old Outlook 2003

Questions: will emc5 be able to import (especially contacts) from this version of the .pst file. and will i be able to do this without having Outlook installed on the new Windows 8 PC on which i will be performing this task?


Yes, eM Client will import .pst file/s (File - Import… - Import email from Microsoft Outlook) and this will offer you to point to your .pst file.

unfortunately (I understand this is not your case but still) we do not support import from outlook 2013 yet (hopefully we will find workaround) and we do not support import of attachments.


Thanks John

Will the import capabilities of emc5 automatically create the “personal folders” file structure from Outlook in emc5, or do i have to create them manually BEFORE i import from the .pst file?

Also, my previous configuration of Outlook contained 3 email accounts (Yahoo mail accounts but downloading via POP3). Understand that the free version of emc5 only allows for 2 email accounts to be used. Will the previous 3 email account configuration from Outlook mess up the emc5 import process? Or do i have to create the emc5 email accounts manually after the import process?

If i do have to create the email accounts manually, and emc5 is supposed to have “support” for Yahoo mail, is that referring to IMAP only, or do i simply treat it the same as i did in Outlook and configure it to use POP3 as before?

And will the emc5 import process automatically create the separate Contact folder groups that i had previously set up in Outlook?


First I am sorry for delayed answer, here are your answers:

  1. Yes, structure of folders should remain same. Only folders not imported would be those we do not support them (usually if some proprietary function is in them).

  2. Judging by my experience you will import all three accounts, but those 3rd and further will be offline. But it will definitely not cause mess in your accounts folder structure on server or in any Outlook backups if anything will go wrong.

You will not need to make accounts manually after as you will have them imported.

  1. Unfortunately we have many serious problems with Yahoo’s servers as their engineers can’t code or setup server, we have introduced some workarounds but Yahoo and IMAP is not going together well.

POP3 should be okay as I was unable to find any report from user to it, everything is on IMAP only.

  1. We use separate Contacts from email :slight_smile: You can see in left bar button “Mail” and button “Contacts”

your contacts will be stored under contacts only :slight_smile:

best regards