Importing from external Windows Live Mail

Just setup EMClient free on a W8 PC for my 94yr old Dad. Would like to import his old mail which is on his old Hard drive ie I dont want to setup WLM on this new PC. I’ve copied the WLM folder to the Appdata/ Local folder as was on the old hard drive but EMC doesnt see it. Is there an easy way to import without installing WLM?

Thanks John Slatem

Use File > Import
and then select 'Windows Live Mail.

Hi, I believe the above solution won’t work without WLM installed either. 

Johny do you still have access to your old computer? The easiest way might be installing eM Client on the old computer and transfer the data from WLM by the above solution, Import from Windows Live Mail, but I’m afraid WLM has to be installed on the same computer containing the data.

If you still can do this, then you can just backup your eM Client and move the backup onto your new computer, where you can restore it and then just start using eM Client.

Hope this helps,