Importing from Eudora Pro 7.1 (Windows)

I am a long time Eudora Pro user (since V4 in the 1990s), and it’s time to make a move. I’d looking at eMclient as the new mail app. Looks quite nice from what I have tried so far.

Like many Eudora users I have GB’s of email (local folders) to move. I’m trying to figure out what the best way to do that is.

One approach I have tried is using the program Aid4Mail to convert Eudora folders to EML files. They offer a free converter that does this. And then import from EML file. I just tried one large folder with many sub-folders, and it seems to be working. Obviously I have not checked every email since the conversion, but in spot checking they seem to be OK.

Aid4Mail also has a paid version that will convert to Thunderbird folders. That seems to work as I was then able to import the folder to another app I’ve looked at called PostBox (it is Thunderbird based). (I’m leaning strongly towards eMclient over PostBox due to eMclient’s support.) But I have not been able to get eMclient to import these Thunderbird folders. Is there a way to do this, without having to go install Thunderbird?

The one significant difference I can see is that by going through Thunderbird format, Aid4Mail can preserve the status of the email (email, read, forwarded, replied, etc.)

Thanks in advance!

Another possible solution would be copying Eudora profile into Thunderbird profile location and using the option Import from Thunderbird in eM Client. It should work too.