Importing from Eudora 7 for windows

I am changing from eudora to eMClient.
I tried to export my in and outbox from eudora, but i have only the .txt option and it doesn’t work. It import all the messages as it was only 1 mail.
I imported each box separately by using the import mbox option. It went ok, but…
The problem is that i lost every reference of attachments in the mails.
Also, the question is if the attachments can manage it separately with eMClient?

unfortunately you cannot import your data from Eudora directly, but you can try to import them to Thunderbird (…) and then import them to eM Client. If you need any further assistance, let us know.

Nop it didn ́t work.
I’ll import my mboxes one by one and save all my attachments separately.
Thanks again!


thank you for sharing this workaround :slight_smile:


Hi! I imported everything into thunderbird, but EM doesnt find the account for thunderbird, so i cannot import them. (It is a lot btw) How should i proceed?


Hi, can you maybe make a screenshot of the issue, are any errors showing up? Do you have the account setup in Thunderbird now?
What version of eM Client are you using?

Thank you,

Hi Paul, thx for your quick reply! I just downloaded the last version of em for Windows (8). I have been using thunderbird for a couple of months now, but I am not happy with it. But with the fact that I use it a couple of months, I should have an account, right? I made the screenshot from my phone using teamviewer, i wasnt at home at the time.

It simply says can’t find account…

Hi, can you try downloading this version of eM Client, and try the import then, let me know if that makes any difference.

Thank you,

Thx for replying again!
I installed Em from the link you said, but it gives the same result: it doesnt find a thunderbird account.

Does an .sbd file mean anything to you?

There is a VERY large file in my thunderbird-folder (over 600 Gb) that is called “alle berichten” (i.e. all messages). It doesnt have any .xxx thingy, but the files around it a .sbd Perhaps something can be done with that?

I am guessing there are a lot of doublemails in there,…

Ok, i got myself a lot further now. Eudora OSE has the option to export messages as EML-files. So i exported each folder seperately into seperate folders on my computer. Then i imported them in eM via “import eml from folder”. This was quite a bit of work, but it worked out ok. All my messages are unharmed imported into eM now. (i had to click ona folder that seemed to have no files in them btw, but once clicked “ok” and it imported the invisible files nonetheless)

Now the next steps and questions.

  1. can i import my addressbook somehow from Eudora to eM
  2. can i import filters from Eudora to eM?

For both, keep in mind that eM still doesnt see a thunderbird-account from me.

thx for the help!

Hi, did you upgrade your Eudora from version 7 to OSE?
What version of Thunderbird are you using?

It’s unfortunately not possible to import filters, but you might be able to export your address book into VCards (.vcf files) or into .csv which you could Import into eM Client as well. That would be a similar workaround as you managed to do with your emails.


I read Wouter’s post and found it helpful. I would like to help a friend move from Eudora OSE to emClient. I use emClient already and am very pleased with it. I can’t see anyway on my Eudora OSE to export messages as EML-files. Not sure if you will see this but would be great if you can post an answer. (My Eudora OSE currently has an Alert message that won’t go away - so it’s basically stuck.)

Eudora stores messages in mbox files. (mbx)
Usually there is one for each folder.

You can import these directly in eM Client using Menu > File > Import > Mailboxes (.mbox).

Thanks - I will give that a go.