Importing from another computer

How do I import everything from Windows Live Mail in my old computer to eMclient in my new computer? Thanks.

on your old computer you have to do export->email->windows live mail:this creates elm files;copy that to an external harddrive.on emclient you go to files ->import->import as elm files:check the indication for subfolders and choose your root folder created by the export on wlm.

Thank you very much Baele.  I was missing the “elm” part of the puzzle.  You gave me exactly what I needed!

Hi Phil,I tried it only with export of local mail folders of windows live mail and import in thunderbird mail.So i don’t know whether the elm import of all the mails(also your account) will create an account.In fact I think you have first to create your account in emclient (i suppose you use pop3 account otherwise it’s not needed to import the mails for your account)

I think with elm it will not be possible to put your wlm emails under your account.You will have to create a map in emclient: then menu->file->import:import elm: select to the directory where the inbox folder is in the elm export you created in wlm.This way you can also add other important elm folders

Baele, yes I use POP3.  My difficulty is that every time I evaluate a possible solution to my problem,  no matter which email program I evaluate, it seems like I need to be an expert user of that program BEFORE I start.  Your first email was very clear, because I have used a similar procedure before.  But now, I am getting lost in the terminology and all the actions I need to take to get the job done.   Would it be any easier if I:

Installed emclient on my old computer (the one with the wlm program)

Transferred the emails to emclient

Exported the emails from emclient to a file

Installed another download of email client on my new computer

Imported the downloaded file?

I don’t know exactly how to do any of this, but would that be an easier way to do this?  I really want to use emclient, but I need to know the easiest way, if I am going to be successful. 

Forget my email about elm export/import you gave my another idea:
Install emclient on your old computer.
emclient->menu->file->import->import from windows live mail
emclient->tools->settings->general-storage:look to the indication of the direcory name
copy that directory to an external harddrive
install emclient on new computer
emclient->tools->settings->general>storage:look to the name of the directory
close emclient
delete that directory
copy your directory on your harddisk to that place you deleted
now everything will be imported in your new emclient

your idea of exporting to a file (in fact it creates different files: a file for each mail with elm):the problem is the import: i don’t know how to put your inbox mails under your account.with the desciption above all your mails will be perfectly imported.

do you find copying the whole emclient database is to difficult or to risky i will explain you how to import your wlm inbox in emclient on your new computer via elm.I have found how to put it under your account via elm import.

Baele, your are very kind to continue to try to help me.  I believe that I can follow the detailed description that you wrote to transfer ALL my emails…but, just in case, I would appreciate if you would give me the step-by-step procedure you mention in your last email.

One more question, please.  When I import my emails from wlm to emclient, will they also be erased from wlm, or will they also remain on wlm.

Again, thank you so much for your help! You are very patient.

If you transfer the mail to emclient on your old computer the mails on wlm wil not be erased.on wlm.
I describe the other step:
To transfer only your inbox of wlm you not have to install wlm on your old computer.
create a map on an external harddrive
first on wlm:file->email export->email->windows live mail:select harddrive map:click next:do not select all folders but select only “inbox” .
Look at your external harddrive in explorer to the map if you see “inbox” full of .elm file:each elm for each mail.
connect the hardrive to your new computer.
in emclient on your new computer: create your pop3 account:emclient:menu->tools->account

here i cannot help you (take contact wih your provider for your settings)
test your account by sending an email to youself (close wlm)
emclient:menu->file->import->import wit elm:
“select folder from which you import elm”: fill in the name inbox on the external harddrive
“select e-mail folder”: select inbox that appaer under the account
once you have finished that the mails will be imported
PS.if you do not succeed to export inbox from wlm this method will not work.

Thank you for all the time you have spent providing information to me.  I think I have enough to get the job done.  I will let you know if I am successful.