importing folders from Live mail

I am reporting a recent experience when changing a user from Live to emclient. It was found that some user created email folders were imported with the names changed. It appears that long folder names do not import completely, the last group of characters are exchanged for some odd characters. Not sure how this happens!!!

my experience to importing mails when i change email clients give me always problems.
the way i transfer mails is with a bit more work , but has always worked for me.
1 i use always imap
2 make a folder on imap account
3 move/copy local mails to the folder on imap make sure all is transfer this can take a while (cash).
4 go to your new mail client.
5 copy mails from imap to local again.

i never had problems this way.
hope this works for others to.

Thanks. I do not understand. I presume the imap account is in the web mail. I cannot see how to transfer folders and  files from the Windows Live Mail folder in the computer or the ISP web mail.

Hello davmax,

We apologize for the Import from Windows Live Mail in the current version. This will be improved in the next eM Client update.

For now, if the automatic import at the setup didn’t work, you can export your e-mails from Windows Live Mail into .eml and then import them through Menu -> File -> Import… -> ‘Import from folder with .eml files’.

With apologies,

Thanks Maurice. The problem described occurred using the Menu route for Import and selecting import from Windows Live Mail. Hopefully this is an issue that can be addressed. thanks again.

David C

Hello David,

Thanks for the details. The 7.1 version will bring a new import from WLM that should address this issue.


I went to Windows Live Mail, Export Mail, Email Messages, Windows Live Mail, Next, to a window that said “Please select a folder to store the exported messages” So I tried to type ".eml " into the field, but it wouldn’t accept any typed input.  So I clicked on the Browse button and a window came up with my computer folders listed.I didn’t find any folder called ".eml ".
How exactly, step by step, do I export “e-mails from Windows Live Mail into .eml” as stated above?

I suspect that your Windows Live mail email messages are still in your computer. You do not have to export from Windows Live.
Open emclient select Menu at the top left of the window
In the drop down menu select File, then Import.
Next window select " From Windows Live Mail" and select Next
Next window select “Import Selected Folders”
Next window will list your email account
Select the + next to the account name and all the account folders will be displayed.
Select to tick all the folders your require and click Next
Complete the process
Importing your contacts is another process

Thanks.  That’s what I had already tried that didn’t work, and was why I was searching for support. However, by going through it again, I did see this time why it didn’t work the first time.  The first time I put a check mark in the box next to Storage Folders. What got imported was a small fraction of the Storage Folders, and even the folders that were imported only had a fraction of the emails in them.  This time, after putting a check mark in the box next to Storage Folders, I clicked on the little + sign there and what came up was exactly those few folders that were downloaded the first time.  What did not come up when I clicked on the + sign is a complete menu of all of my storage folders in Windows Live Mail.  So the next question is, how do I get eM Client to find all of the storage folders in Windows Live Mail?
Thank You!

Have clicked on all the + signs in the folder selection window to reveal everything that is available to transfer? You may then find what you need.

Since it originally imported those few folders just by having the first main box checked, even though I hadn’t seen them, it hadn’t occurred to me that I would need to see all of the ones below on my second try.  So I tried that on my third try, and opened every single + sign and made sure all the subsequent boxes were checked.  That did result in most of the folders being imported, maybe all of them, I’m not sure because some of them showed up out of order.  For instance a “To Do” folder that had been in the “Finance” folder showing up underneath the “Tax” Folder.  Also, a lot more of the emails showed up.  I can’t really tell if some are missing or if they are hidden in other folders.  My guess is that until eM Client comes out with their next version where they are promising to have the bugs worked out on this, this will probably be the best I will get for now.  Thank you for your help!

I presume that once you have imported the folders that you know how to move any folder that may be misplaced by dragging and dropping.

Yes, thanks.

I have seen several reports of problems with importing message storage folders from Windows Live Mail and a few replies saying that these problems will be fixed in version 7.1. What is the expected availability date for 7.1? As long as eM Client cannot successfully import all of my messages from WLM storage folders, I cannot possibly consider changing my email client from WLM to eM.

I’ve got all the problems listed, and then some:  When I imported my WLM files and folders into eMC, the main folders were in the right order.  However, not all the main folders could be seen in the selection list.  After import, some (but not all) subfolders were in the main folders, but most of the folders were empty.  Also, some of the subfolders had truncated titles, with 2 or 3 character alpha-numerics behind them.  Some of the subfolders in the selection list had things in them that weren’t in WLM.  What did I do wrong?     I’m desperate to get on eMC for fear that my hard drive will crash and I’ll lose everything.  I do have a backup, but it’s not in a menu format that’s easy to find things in.
I’ll be eternally grateful to anyone who can solve these problems for me.

Maurice, I have V.7.1.30638.0, and had all the problems listed in my submission about a week below (#10 in this group if you can find it that way).  Help!  Details, please!  Al Koppen

I have the same problem reported in this thread, where folder names are abbreviated when imported from Windows Live Mail or from EML files. I have emClient version 7.1.33101.1 on both Windows 7 and 10.  Posts on this thread say this issue will be solved with version 7.1, but the problem still exists. When will this issue be resolved?  The problem appears because Windows Live Mail uses abbreviated folder names to store emails and when it exports emails.  There is a text file under each exported folder called wlmail.fol, which has the correct full folder name.  As a workaround, users can rename their folders in em Client, or rename exported folders before importing emails. But I have too many folders to do this manually and look forward to a solution. This should not be hard to implement.