Importing emails from gmail

I am trying out eMClient & just finished setting it up & I chose the free version. There is one thing I am having trouble with & that is during the set-up, emails that I had in gmail did not import. Now let me be clear & this could be the problem. I read that eMClient’s free version is limited to the importing of (2) clients. However, it did import both my wife’s e-mail & mine (which are both POP3 accounts from TimeWarner (roadrunner; & emails from Hotmail. So maybe eMClient is treating my wife’s & my e-mails as just one since they are roadrunner emails & then treating hotmail as one, which would then make sense because that would be 2 clients. But if that’s not the case, I’m not sure why it did import all three. But those e-mails I had in gmail did not import over even though I had the gmail account set-up as a POP3 using the roadrunner settings. Can anyone give me their opinion on this? I really don’t need to purchase the paid version, because I would only be paying to get those 15 or so gmail e-mails imported over. Maybe there is another way to move them over to my new eMClient so I can eliminate gmail altogether. Any advice would be appreciated.

Hello , not completely sure what you’re suggesting by “I had the gmail account set-up as a POP3 using the roadrunner settings”, not completely how would it be possible to sync your gmail items using your roadrunner settings, may this is the reason why your account doesn’t work.

If you want to setup a gmail account with eM Client just use the automatic setup using your email address ( and your password.

If you’ve activated eM Client with a FREE license you’re only entitled to use a maximum number of 2 account and no other accounts added to the application will be synchronised with the server. One account is considered to be one account listed in the left pane under Tools > Accounts, if you have more than two, the first two accounts listed will be online.


I probably didn’t explain this properly. What I was trying to say by using the words POP3 was this. Since there is no longer a program called Outlook Express & I don’t like Outlook, & since I get my internet service from Time Warner, which is called Roadrunner, I had to find an email client/program for email. I started using Windows Live Mail, but in order to keep my email address (, I had to set up Windows Live Mail to accept Roadrunner’s POP3 settings for incoming & outgoing mail. So I used that email program for quite awhile. But I never really liked it, so someone told me to switch to gmail & do the same thing as to my POP3 settings. Keep in mind that both myself & wife have email addresses via TWC with hers being secondary. After using gmail, I decided I didn’t like it & read about eM Client. So I took the plunge, but did so using it’s free program which only allows up to 2 email programs. During it’s set-up, emails from my TW account, my wife’s TW account & my Hotmail account all imported over to the new eM Client. So since it only allows 2 programs, but allowed importing from 3 email addresses, I assumed it must be treating both my wife’s & my TW email addresses as 1 account & Hotmail as 1 account. But for some reason, there are still several emails in the gmail account that did not import over. So I was trying to figure out how to get those over w/o having to purchase the paid service. Since my original posting however, I have gone in to experiment & under “Tools - Accounts”, I added another account…which was my gmail account although I should not have to have done that because everything going into that account was coming from my TW account. So now, it actually set up another email account on the left pane in eM Client, with gmail being the 4th one. This is not what I wanted! Even though I can now download all emails into one program (eM Client), I have to open & review emails in my TW account ( & emails in my gmail account. I should not have to do that as all those emails should be going into I realize this is a book I’ve written, but I wanted to make sure I clarified everything so it could be understood just in case there is a fix for streamlining these emails.

All my gmails automatically came across to eM; So did my calendar entries and my contacts. Nothing had to be done in my case, which admittedly is different from yours.