Importing email addresses

I am currently using Windows Live Mail and I have a fairly large address book: can I simply export this into eC Client?

Hello sueappleton Hughes,

Please try the following steps and you should be able to import from Windows Live Mail

  1. Left Click on the word " Menu" top left of eM Client (this opens a drop down menu)
  2. Move mouse over " File"
  3. Move mouse over " Import" now left click " Import" (this will open the import window)
  4. Left click on " import from Windows Live Mail" Then click next
  5. This should now lead you through the import wizard and you can select what you want to import, you either select certain items or import all settings but the rest should be easy to understand by following the prompts carefully.
    Please be sure to let us know if this resolved your issue or post back if you need further assistance.

Kind regards

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VERY helpful!!!  Thank you!!!