Importing em client from one P.C to another from files in Dropbox?

I am trying to import all my eM Client messages from one laptop to another. I have a regular backup of all my emails from one laptop which store in Dropbox. How can I get all my old emails onto a new laptop which is also currently running eM Client? Be grateful for any help.

The best method is to use eM Client’s own backup/restore option. On the old computer use Menu > File > Backup, then copy the zip file across to the new computer, where you will use Menu > File > Restore.

You will also need to deactivate your license on the old computer using Menu > Help > License before activating it on the new one.

If Dropbox is syncing your database directory, it is useless as it will not sync open eM Client files. All you will have are empty files.

Thanks very much for the reply. I actually manged to do it another way - rather lengthy (21000 emails) but has worked a treat. I simply exported all the emails to .eml and stored them on a folder in Dropbox. Then simply imported onto the new laptop directly from the said folder and hey presto - it worked! It took a while but I now have all my old emails on my new laptop.