Importing CSV Contacts list

I created a file with all our Outlook contacts, having lost all emClient backups, lists and emails in a computer crash.
However, emClient doesn’t import them even though it says it has. (I get completed and click OK).
They are in csv format.
emClient requires me to define each of many colums before it will import. I did that for the 1st name in list but I cannot do that for every single person in the very long list.
How do I import properly.

See @Gary post example on importing a .CSV file and matching up headings in the following thread.

Thanks, but that is what I did.
Here are screenshots after trying it one more time:

It shouldn’t be so hard for less technical people.!!!

sorry, I should have added some of the csv contents to show it is a valid file.
sample contents of csv file

Hi Ron,
Please try this:
Go to Menu>Settings>General>General
Check ‘Show local fodler’
Save this change.