Importing contacts

Importing contacts: I formatted my computer but I saved the contacts before doing so. They came out as Microsoft Word Document (.docx) Can anyone tell me what to do, to make them go into my contacts with eM Client? Thanks

Hi Sue

You need to create a CSV file then in eM Client go Menu > File > Import and choose “Import contacts from csv file”, and follow the prompts.  You will probably need to specify the column headings

The problem is how to make a CSV file from your docx file

How is the contact list structured in Word?  If the contacts are in a Table in Word, you may be able to copy the contacts and paste them into Excel, then remove any extraneous stuff and save the Excel file as type CSV.

If they are not in a table you could be in for a messy reformatting job.

Thank you very much, John for replying to my problem.  I will have to go the messy route and try and change the file to CSV.  Not too sure if I can do that easily with my computer skills but I’ll try.  I appreciate your advice.

Ya know, I think I’m getting it now.  The key words you used, John were “excel” and “table” and now I’m figuring it out, plus getting rid of a pile of unnecessary email address. THANKS again!  I’m very happy!