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I have a problem with importing Avast certificates. How exactly I can import server certificates to eM Client? I can’t seem to find any option to do that…

Thank you.


I have the same problem. Anyone out there? eM Client staff? Why certificates can’t be imported?
Option “Don’t ask me again” doesn’t do anything - it still asks every time I open eM Client after reboot.

Avast posted some instructions for this. Please see How to troubleshoot email client warnings about invalid server certificates | Avast

To import the certificate into eM Client, as they only give instructions for Thunderbird, go to Menu > Settings > Signing & Encryption > Certificates and Keys > Manage Certificates/Keypairs > Import

Restart eM Client

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I need to import server certificates not the signing/encryption certificates. How is it possible that eM Client doesn’t have that option?

Any eM Client staff is seeing this?

Yes, it is the Avast app certificate that you need to import into eM Client.

Did you follow my instructions? What was the result?

I did before posting it here. Nothing changes when I do that.
Checking “Don’t ask me again” doesn’t do anything as well - it keeps popping up every time I re-open eM Client or when I boot my PC (eM Client is running at startup).

As the issue seems to be with Avast, can you disable Avast completely, or at least the Mail Shield, and see if the issue is still there.

Its not the issue with Avast its an issue with eM Client that don’t accept server certificates and options like “Don’t ask me again” not working at all.

Avast is an antivirus and needs access to the emails to scan them if you don’t know this already. Other AV’s do the same thing using their own certificates (Bitdefedner for example).

I would rather have been protected then to use this email client.

If you uninstall Avast and install Bitdefender, do you have the same issue?

Other than importing the Avast certificate into eM Client, there are some other things you can try.

Sometimes Avast will be more likely to accept apps that are already installed on the device before its own installation. So uninstalling and re-installing Avast often resolves the issue.

Or you can just disable the Avast Mail shield. Your server is already scanning the messages you receive through them, and Avast will continue to scan any attachments you open, so there is no security issue with doing this.

If none of these steps help, you will need to report this issue to Avast Support.

I made clean update of Avast (uninstalled it and installed new version).
I wont disable Avast components, because like I said I would rather install Thunderbird then have this problem.

How reporting to Avast will help anything? Its eM Client fault that it doesn’t have option for importing server certificates. And its eM Client fault that “Don’t ask me again” option doesn’t work. So only eM Client staff need to fix their software, not Avast.

Did you uninstall Avast and install Bitdefender?

Do you have the same issue with Bitdefender?

Because it is Avast that is saying there is an issue with the certificate.

domingo 22 agosto 2021 :: 1449hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @Colke

I don’t understand why you continue to blame eMC on this Forum.
If you are so certain that the issue is with eMC open a Ticket
instead just hoping eMC staff will spot your complaint.

The issue is clearly with Avast, of which there is previous evidence.
Further why not try Bitdefender as suggested by @Gary? This
at least would go to either confirming or dispelling your assertions.

Incidentally do you have Free or Paid versions of eMC & Avast?

It makes a difference as far as support is concerned.

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Its eM Client fault for not having ability to import server certificates like other email clients do. Avast wont fix that for you.

lunes 23 agosto 2021 :: 1829hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @Colke

You have a dogmatic attitude when you ask for help then don’t take advice or
answer questions that might help provide you with a solution.
Why don’t you simply raise a Ticket?

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I can’t raise a ticket because I am a free user.
I can’t install eM Client with Bitdefender because I have license for Bitdefender only at work, where I can’t install free version of eM Client to test anything because of the eM Client license.

Issue is with eM Client like Gary said, because it can’t import this kind of certificates.

Is that answer your questions enough?

lunes 23 agosto 2021 :: 2032hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @Colke

OK I guess you have a problem then unless you want to give up Avast or use a different email client.
If you do decide to give up Avast (also Free?) Windows Defender does an excellent job, we run it on
over 200 computers with no problems combined with
MWES Server - they also have a local version MWP if you can’t use the server version.
We also run Malwarebytes on every computer.
We get virtually no SPAM or Malware etc (maybe 4 in last 6 months)
All our clients are exclusively Blue Chip, Government & Military - we cannot afford any mistakes.

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No I didn’t.

Please contact Avast for assistance with configuring their application.