Importing an Outlook Pst File - Help Needed!

Hi. I have tried to import an Outlook PST file. The import routine is not allowing import of all the rules and settings, and secondly using the default import an error message ‘corrupt file’ appears. The pst file has been downloaded to Outlook before with no problems. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Hi, are you trying to import .pst from outlook 2013?


Outlook 2007

Could you try to export it from Outlook first and then drag and drop it into eM Client?


Hi Jan,

Thanks for your reply. The desktop hosting the original Outlook File crashed last week and is irrecoverable - my new replacement desktop does not have Outlook. The Outlook file I am trying to convert to eM client has been downloaded from my backup on Carbonite.

I have another old laptop which has Outlook and I will try and use that Outlook to do as you suggest. I will let you know when this has been done and what is the outcome.



Hi Jan,

Latest Update. The Outlook pst file was damaged and was subsequently fixed using scanpst.exe.

eM Client imported over 50,000 emails from the repaired Outlook pst file this afternoon with no issues.

An impressive result to say the least!

Thank you and your colleagues at eM Client for you patience and kind support.

Best Wishes,


glad to hear the good news.

Thank you for your support.


Can I ask a dum question?  Drag and drop to eM Client (directory) and then what do you do???

I cannot follow you.  You keep talking about EM Client and backup.  I have an external *.pst file I want to import into eM Client 6 from a file last handled by Outlook 2013.  How do you do this?  The import fails right after designating Outlook files and no option is available for selecting the *.pst file.

I do not see any solutions anywhere that I can understand.

You can import your data from MS Outlook in File > Import, select the option to import data from Microsoft Outlook and the option to import data from a selected PST file, select the file and proceed with further steps. This should allow you to select which folders of the PST file you’d like to import to your local folders or any other account folder setup in eM Client.


This procedure does not work.  No option to select file and failure before option is displayed after selecting Microsoft Outlook.

Not quite sure what you’re referring to, I’m not having any issues with the PST import.

If you’re seeing any warnings or errors, please make a screenshot of the issue and submit it to us here on the forum.


I have exactly the same problem as Roland Latiolais 
I never reach the choice screen. It pops up for a second but immediately it is overwritten by  an “eM Client Application Error” screen.
When I press “Continue” my database is being checked, two OK checkmarks appear and eM Client restarts.
When I press “Show error” the screen folds out and I get a 50 page long error message. If you like I can send it. For me it’s abracadabra.


Hi Ruud,
what version of eM Client are you currently using? (Help>About section)


  Ruud Krol