Imported wrong PST file

It seems I  imported an incorrect PST file from Outlook that didn’t include any of my folders. I also linked eM Client with my gmail account. I uninstalled the program so I can start from the beginning and upload the correct PST file, but when I opened the program, my original gmail info and setting were still there. How do I start fresh from the beginning? thanks!

You need to delete the data directory (or rename it) that is located at c:\users[user_name]\AppData\Roaming\eM Client.  This is a hidden directory, so make sure you have show hidden files turned on in Windows Explorer.  After deleting or renaming this directory, you can simply open eM Client and it will create a new, blank database.  Or you can reinstall, if you so desire.

Hi Jay, thanks for the reply! Unfortunately there does not seem to be any eM Client file in any of the roaming files for any users. Is there another way to get to it?

Should be there.–