Imported folders

I have just finished to customize my new EMCLIENT.
When I imported my prevoius folders from MS OUTLOOK 365, EMCLIENT created authomatically the following situation:

I got 3 folders:

  1. which is the main one
  2. the gmail IMPA folder
  3. Local folder

I would like to merge 1) and 3). Should I move manually all the contents from 3) to 1)? Or are there any other possibilities?
Thank you

Yes, you can move the messages and folders from Local Folders to the IMAP folders. Just make sure you have enough space on the server to do that.

Hi Gary,
first of all thank you so much for your quick answer.
Since I would like to merge two local folders (number 1 and 3) moving files from 3 to 1, I need to know if there are any size limit. I try to explain better: at the end of the file shifitng. local folder number 1 is going to be 8 gb large, is it a problem?
I see theat EmClient doesn’t allow to create any new LOCAL FOLDERS but just subfolders inside the existing one, is that correct or is there a command to do that?
Thank you again.

1 is not local. It appears to be the IMAP folders from your server. If there is a size limit, your provider will be able to tell you.

The Local Folders are a set of folders similar in structure to your IMAP folders. So they have an Inbox, Sent etc. You can create unlimited folders within that folder set, either as sub-folders of another folder, or on the same level as Inbox and Sent. The combined size of messages you can store there is only limited by your hard disk.

I send you a picture of my account configuration:

You see I have 5 accounts, all of them except tha last one (GMAIL) are based on POP connection with the related email provider servers.
Then the FOLDER in the left vertical MENU (number 1), is not IMAP.
The present configuration is unfortunately originated by the import from MS OUTLOOK.
Anyway, since I have 1 Account IMAP and 4 accounts POP, at the end I would like to leave 1 IMAP Folder and 1 Local Folder.
To do that I need to transfer all the files from LOCAL FOLDER number 3 to LOCAL FOLDER number 1 ( and delete LOCAL FOLDER number 3 at the end of this task.
Is it possible?