Imported emails from Outlook 2003 are empty

I imported a lot of emails from my old Outlook into a test install of eM Client. It took quite a lot of time (as they are quite a lot!) and at the end eM client said… “all well” (or similar).

I thought that everything is fine, but now I discovered that all (or most!) of these emails cannot be really read by eMclient, when I open them in eM Client: they show an animation like “loading” (similar to a browser that loads a html page) and stay like this forever.
However, those emails are not something special - simply emails in html format from outlook.

this is how it looks in eM: (the top grey bar is animating, showing “loading”)

Is this bug known, can it be avoided in any way?
It hinders me to seriously switch to eMclient…

How long have you waited ? That little line normally means it’s still loading.

Try clicking on another email (below or above it) and then come back to that email and see if it reads then.

@cyberzork thank you!
indeed, it was a curious situation - it looked like it stays like that (loading forever) when I wrote the question here above.
But after trying several times again, the eM Client started displaying the messages.

Still, I have a problem with some of them: they are displayed truncated. This time it is not a matter of “still loading”. The message appears correctly in Outlook, but is truncated by about 30% of the text lenght in eM Client.

I remember years ago when I imported two very large different Outlook .pst files, part of some of the email text were scrambled after trying a few times, but the majority of the emails were ok. So I figured those emails were just not able to be interpreted 100% and that was the best I was going to get.

I then viewed those missing email parts manually in Outlook via open pst when I needed.

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martes 24 agosto 2021 :: 1147hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @horia

I answered this in your other post

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