Important mails going in Junk folder

I am receiving important messages in Junk folder instead Inbox folder. There are no spam filters or blacklisted email addresses.
I made the following two rules(pic.1) - but no result!
Disabled spam filter from the anti-virus program.
Not installed other email client.
There is no any filters from our domain hosters.

Any ideas how to fix the problem?


Apart from eM Client Local rules, sometimes that can happen due to an eg: online server mailbox filter setup automatically sending inbox mail to your junk mail folder which then inturn is mirrored in eM Client.

Or the server mailbox might be just auto detecting it as possible spam by a eg: built in server mailbox mechanism and moving it to your junk mail folder.

So first check online in your mailbox filters, and if nothing is showing there, your online mailbox probably just needs to be trained.

So to train your online mailbox, you just select those important emails online in your junk mail folder and “choose not junk”, which then will normally arrive in your inbox the next time.