Important Gmail Tag missing at the top right using eM Client desktop Mac, but is showing at the top using eM Client app for Android

Using eM Client for desktop on Mac V9.2.2144, if i click the “Important Tag” on the left side as in the first screenshot below, the Important Gmail tag “is not showing / missing at the top right corner”.

However using eM Client Android app V9.3.4908 when i press the Important Tag, the Tag “is showing at the top” as per the second screenshot example below.

So seems like some bug in eM Client for Mac on Desktop.

(eM Client for desktop missing Important Gmail Tag)

(eM Client app for Android, showing Important Gmail Tag)

You will find the setting in eM Client in Accounts > IMAP tab > Tags.

Yes I do have that already on in IMAP accounts.

Might be a glitch / bug in the last Mac version?

I will try an uninstall and reinstall again and see what happens.


Uninstall and reinstall of eM Client made no difference. I even tried restoring many eM Client backups using the latest version for the Mac, but same problem.

So I removed and re-added the Gmail account again and re-enabled “Always show Important” tags in the account and “now the Important tag is showing at the top right of the email” in the latest version.

So must have been some sort of corrupted account that affected showing the important tag.

All good now :slightly_smiling_face: