Important folder

I have a folder labeled “important” and random emails go there - for what reason I have no idea. I have tried many times to delete this folder and can’t. Looked in settings but I don’t know where to find it.  How do I disable it? Thanks.

Do you by chance have a gmail account?  If yes, it is gmail that flags certain emails as important based upon their algorithms (eM Client does not do this).  Gmail uses virtual folders, that is the important folder is not really a folder, but a flag added by gmail.  It then displays it as if it were a folder.  Therefore, deleting it will do no good, it will just recreate.  For a discussion on how to keep the important flag from appearing, see this discussion:

Thanks Jay.  Yes it is an email account. I had a feeling that might have been the issue since my other account had no “important” folder.  I will read up on the link you provided. Thank you.

Try this …—all-of-my-messages-…