I want to import mail from Mail Commander which does not use supported file names.
I am having problems with Mail Commander. I cannot access web-sites from received emails and I cannot send replies or new mail. Because there is no help files with the free version and I do not want to buy an email client when there are so many free ones about I want to change to “eM client” as my new email client. Whilst “eM client” does allow me to import mail from some other email clients “Mail Commander” is not listed. However, “The Bat” is listed as common to both “Mail Commander” and “eM client” but I cannot find how to export mail into “The Bat” from “Mail Commander”, or import from “Mail Commander” into “The Bat”. I do not want to have more than ONE email client on my computer so please advise how I can import mail from “Mail Commander” into “The Bat” or directly to “eM Client”

Quite a few e-mail program use mbox format, which is supported by eM. You need to find out from the company whether or not they use mbox format solution. Either all, you need to contact Mail Commander for help on this regarding of export.


If you use IMAP, don’t worry about your messages and just setup an account in eM Client. Everything other will be all right.

Otherwise (if you are a POP3 user) you can try a way to export your messages to .eml files. It can usually be achieved by drag&dropping your messages to a folder or from some menu. Then you can import those messages by drag&drop or using eM Client import dialog.

If all previous options fail you can use “intermediate account” trick. Get some IMAP account, setup it in Mail Commander and copy all your messages to the new IMAP account. After this setup the both your mail accounts (the old POP3 and the new intermediate IMAP) in eM Client. Wait for IMAP account to synchronize and then copy all the messages from IMAP account to the eM Client POP3 account. After the operation completes, you can optionally remove the “intermediate” IMAP from eM Client and you are done.