Import Windows Live Mail Local Calendars

My Windows Live Mail has several calendars.  Some appear “local” as I don’t see it online in my Windows Online calendar. 

Part of my issue might be that my Windows Live Mail (WLM) calendar has entries that were created on my computer and “Offline” status.  At the time I preferred not to have my entries in an online Windows Account.

Checking in here to see if anyone has had success getting calendar from WLM into eM Client calendar.  I created 3 color coded calendars.  One is national holidays, one is my personal calendar, one is business appointments.  It appears as if my personal appointments calendar came when I did import.  I’d like to get all of these I’d appreciate any help or directions.

If they did not import from Windows LIve Mail using the wizard, maybe you could export them from WLM and then import them into eM Client that way.

Thank you for your reply.  WLM does not have an export feature for the calendar.  WLM has export for email, folders, and contacts.

Perhaps there is a place WLM stores the calendar entries?  I’ll research that.

I’m open to any other thoughts.

 You can export your WLM calendars through the web interface.

In the calendar options choose Shared Calendars > Calendar Publishing

Under Show availability, titles and locations, click Create.

Click on the ICS link and choose Open with eM Client. If you don’t have this option save the file to your computer, then in eM Client use Menu > File > Import > iCalendar

Follow the import wizard.