Import to AOL Calendar

How do I import Calendar into Aol Mail?

If you have the AOL account setup in eM Client, go to Menu > File > Import > iCalendar. Then select the ics file or URL you have and choose the AOL calendar as the destination.

Or, if you already have the events in eM Client in another calendar, you can just drag them from the original calendar to the AOL calendar.

Hi Gary,

Perhaps I wasn’t clear - I need to export my eM Client Calendar to AOL Mail.

If AOL supports importing .ics calendar files, then in eM Client, go to “Menu / File / Export” and click on “Export events to .ics files”. Then click Next and “Choose the calendar” you want to export from.

Note:- If you cannot import .ics files into AOL calendar, then i suspect you will have to manually copy and paste events from eM Client into AOL. Hopefully you have the import .ics option.