Import Screen is blank on newest version of EM Client

I’ve tried this on 3 different computers, I have the most recent version of EM Client installed on all of them. When I go to Import and click on Microsoft Outlook > Import selected folders I am greeted with a blank screen

I am wondering if maybe the Theme is not displaying the dialogue. Does it look any different when using the Modern Theme?

Just tried it. Didn’t Work :frowning:

Was a long shot. :frowning:

I was not able to reproduce it using 7.1.32088, and I know it worked on previous versions, so it is not a general bug. Strange that you have the same problem on three different computers though. I assume they all have the same version of Windows, eM Client and Outlook?

Well it’s a work around but I could download EM Client 6 import the outlook file, then export it to a .eml file then import it back into EMC 7.

All the computers I used were running Windows 10 Professional, and EM Client 7, 2 Where using Outlook 2016 and the third 2013.

At least you managed to get your data, but it still shouldn’t do that.

Anyway, thanks for sharing your work around.