Import Outlook Pst file

I currently have multiple Pst files in outlook for organization purposes. Does eM client support a similar ability? I guess I am kind of a pack rat because I keep most purchase or support emails ging back several years so it is important that I can save in a separate file that I backup!

EM Client database are not capable of doing that. You can only export the mails to a folder and archive them that way.

When you saw folder are you referring to a folder, as in the OS file structure, or as in the EM client database? How many messages can be archived by the EM Client? can the EM Client import Outlook PST files?

OS file structure. Simply click and drag the e-mails you want to archive, and that it. Since it treated as any other file in OS, there’s to limit. You can choose to back-up to media, compress it, etc.

And yes, eM can import .PST files.

if i import .pst file that was previously created as archive file from outlook, does it will create as new account from that pst file or it will merge it with the existing one?

Hello Martin, when importing PST files, you need to select which items you want to import from the data file and to which folder you’d like to import your items, you can import your outlook emails into an existing account or a local folder.


about importing pst file i have some queestion issue.
when importing pst file that have many folders and subfolders - if i want to un-check some  folders also subfolders needs to be unchecked automatically i presume - in your case all folders and sub-folders  must done manaly :slight_smile: . please consider this in future resales 

Not really sure what you’re suggesting, after using the PST import you should have the option to manually select which folders you want to import, or was this window not available to you during import?


the option is available for sure but by default all folders are checked. 
the problem is that i have ~30 folders and all have multiple sub folders.
if i uncheck folder that i do not what do be imported - sub folders from that folder are steel checked for importing - the procedure that i do not want to be done.
 I am suggesting to have some options like “check all” “un-check all” - also if i uncheck folder  I expect all subfolders from that folder to be unchecked.

Hello, unchecking the main folder can’t disable import for the subfolders of the folder, we wanted to include an option to import these folders without the need to import the parent folder. Unfortunately the application does not include check/uncheck all option, thank you for your feedback, we’ll try to improve this in future releases.