Import Outlook 365, 2019 contacts for Mac

New user of eM Client as we are going to let our Office 365 subscription expire when it ends in early November. Already purchased SoftOffice 2021 to replace Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Our use of these apps are very simple documents, so we will by no means be taxing the replacement apps.

However, we can’t stand Apple’s Mail app and wanted something as close to Outlook as possible. eM Client is the obvious choice. It only took a day of testing to know this is the one we wanted to use.

Getting local emails from Outlook into eM Client was easy, and it of course automatically picked up IMAP emails. The problem was getting the Outlook contacts over. I followed the steps in a couple of other topics here but they were either out of date, or didn’t work. One simply ended up creating an empty subfolder named Contacts under Local Folders from the exported .olm file. And that is the only type of export file Outlook for Mac will create.

We also saw users could get them over with MS Exchange. Which is fine if you have that, but we don’t.

But, there is a quick and easy way to get your Outlook contacts into eM Client. This is one of those things where the written instructions seem long, but it takes little time to actually do.

  1. Click the Contacts icon in Outlook. Highlight any contact and then press Command+A to select all of them.
  2. Right click anywhere on the highlighted names and choose Forward as vCard.
  3. Outlook will automatically start a new email with all of your contacts saved as individual vCard attachments. You don’t need to send the email anywhere. All you want are the .vcf files.
  4. Create a new folder on the desktop. Go back to the new email and highlight any .vcf attachment. Press Command+A to select all of them. Drag and drop the .vcf attachments into the folder you made. You’ll get a folder full of individual .vcf files.
  5. Go to eM Client and click the Contacts icon. Drag and drop the .vcf files into the empty contacts field.


A fix for sorting of Search results after having imported emails and folders from Outlook?:

I’m also likely leaving Outlook for Mac 16.56 behind, due to repeated issues with loosing Search capabilities.

I did a full export from Outlook, and set up eM which imported everything. But when I do a Search of my All Inbox or of one of my archived folders, while it finds every email with “example” in the Subject line, when Accending/Descending it doesn’t sort by date of the email, it only “sorts” by date that everything was imported into eM from Outlook.

Any suggestions on how to correct this? I’m cetainly will to start over if there is a step I missed in the process so that Sorting actually sorts by the original true date of teh email brought over.

Thanks for your tip on moving over Contacts!