Import only old messages from hotmail

I have a friend approaching her 15 GB limit on Hotmail, and she cant afford the upgrade, and she probably would balk at learning a new email client for everyday use… Her email archives are precious to her, and Outlook is ingrained in her soul. So, it seems the best solution would be to keep her current messages online and use eMClient to download her older messages to her computer and use them to “get acquainted” with eMClient. Can you suggest a strategy that would work for her?

eM Client has a feature called Automatic Archiving, which is meant to solve this exact issue.

Automatic Archiving removes older messages from the server, freeing up space, and saves them in local folders.

This way the user has access to their current IMAP folders, as well as offline archived messages in the same application.

Please see this blog entry which gives and introduction.

Thank you. It is exactly what she needs.