Import old emails and contacts from Windows Mail on other computer

I have installed EM Client on our new laptop and I am now receiving my Orange emails on it. But how do I import all our old emails and contacts from the Windows Mail we used to use on our old laptop?

Maybe you can copy the data files of Windows Mail to your new computer and then do a File > Import from within eM Client?

for importing data from Windows Mail you would need to install eM Client on your old laptop and import data into eM Client on that laptop,
as (if I’m correct), there’s no export option in Windows Mail, after the best way how to export all your data from computer A to computer B,
is to go to your local folder and show hidden folders.

There should be an “App Data” folder. Go to App Data > Roaming, and copy the “eM Client” folder, which you have to paste to the same place on your new laptop.
After this eM client should load all your data exactly as it was exported to eM Client on your old computer.

I hope this was helpful,