Import of p12-certificate fails

I’m trying to set up eM Client for my company. Still in testing, but I like what I have seen so far.

However, I come across a problem which is important to us: using p12-certificates. I’m trying to import my p12 file. eM Client asks me for the password and then gives an error message that the PKCS#12 file is not valid or a wrong password is given. I gave the correct password, which works fine and without any problems in other applications.

How do I achieve this?
Thanks for helping!

anyone from eM Client to help here?

Since you indicate that you are “testing” I assume you are within your 30-day evaluation period and thus should be able to open a support ticket. This will ensure you will be in contact with someone from em Client.

Thanks, I will try that!

No use … I wonder if eM is interested in getting new clients …

H E L L O ??? eM??? A potential client is waiting!!!

Since suggesting that you should open a support ticket I have learned that eMC does not provide VIP Support for evaluation users.

Hopefully one of the users that helps out here will be able to answer your question.

A guy from support told me to post my request here and he would answer here, however, no help. How can I suggest this tool to my company when the support right from start is this lousy?

If this were me I would have re-posted the problem HERE, even it is repeating your original post. So post it again…

thx, I try that! …

hello eM! I can do with some help please!