import "mail_fti.dat" file back into em client

I deleted my account, as it wasn’t receiving mail.  I can see there’s a large file called mail_fti.dat - I assume it’s my now deleted mail.  How do I get it back?

Hi, yes this database file partially contains your email data, however it can not be restored from this single file.
To use your previous database you need to backup the whole database folder, ideally using our backup tool.

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Thanks Paul,
Which back-up Windows or eM Client (File/Restore…)?  I’ve tried the latter but to no avail.
Also, why did I suddenly stop being able to receive email? Was it something to do with the SSL security thing?  I can’t send now, but can receive, but I’ve had to go back to WLM as it does both.  Using eM Client it wont accept my SMTP password.

I was talking about the eM Client’s backup feature.
What mail service are you using? Can you make a screenshot of your SMTP settings?

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Oh, is there any way of getting that mail data back?

Here’s a screenshot.

Thanks again, Greg

Hi again, unless you have a complete system backup, I’m afraid not (or the eM Client backup, or access to the old data etc.).

As to your SMTP functionality, try changing the security policy to “Use SSL/TLS if available” that might solve the issue.

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That’s what it was on, I put it to nothing thinking that’s how it was before…

Hi, can you try changing the port to 465 and the security policy to “Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)”?

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