Import issues... from outlook 07 and thunderbird 3.1b - apparently need lots of preparing to Win7x64 Ult. - freeze... help :)?

Installed it and loaded it, but it seems permanently hung on account import. I use three accounts: GMail, (yahoo), and (also yahoo). Locally I have an old install of Outlook '07 that has been idle since I started using Thunderbird back in early 2010. Importing anything from Thunderbird (my only up to date client) (any one or combination of these email accounts) shows me a “preparing…” box that never makes any progress, despite drawing 15 tp ~25% of my CPU’s activity for over two hours.

Any ideas - I’d really like to bring in Thunderbird’s info and data because Outlook is not up to date. I am going to try outlook in a few minutes but I see that as very also-ran.


System: QX6700 quad core 2.66ghz, 8gb RAM, Win7 x64 Ultimate
Note: eM not on the same drive as other clients; I have shifted eM to my SSD (reserved for key programs, OS and boot) instead of my 1.5tb data drive where all else is kept.

Update: tried outlook, every iteration of thunderbird (various and sundry account combinations), all for naught. Tried doing it when outlook is default, when thunderbird is default, when there is no default, when either or both are open, etc.

Beginning to wonder what’s going on here? Help would be much appreciated!!! :slight_smile:

Please get the utility available at…. Please send the log created by this utility to We will try to find some solution.