Import is 12 days

Hello, the import of 1.2 million e-mails in EML format requires an estimated 12 days, a day just 100,000 emails are imported. A catastrophe, someone has an idea how the whole can be imported within one day? I’ve never had a program that took 12 days for import. 24 hours were the absolute maximum for such a thing. I am shocked by this email client and wonder if there is a solution.

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I think it will largely depend on the hardware you are using.

How are you trying to import the emails?
Source of emails - hardware, software etc
Destination hardware where eMC is loaded.

Connection hardware between source and destination.
What is the size (in bytes/Gb) of the 1.2m emails you are trying to import?


thanks for answer.

I have a i7 iMac 5K of 2017 with a fusion drive and an external Thunderbold 3 NVMe hard drive. The emails are imported from the fusion drive to the NVMe Drive. So on the hardware it is not 1000%. Which is mega potent and bored.

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Do you mean FROM the NVME to the i7 iMAc with the Fusion drive?
Is that via a USB connection?

What data-size is the 1.2m email package?
Are you using the eMC “Import” facility to import the *.eml files directly off the NVME HD?

No, the iMac is connected via Thunderbold 3 with 40Gbit / s NVMe a hard disk, this is Mac OS installed and the old e-mails are located on the internal Macintosh HD fusion drive. Both drives run at up to 2800 MB / s. So on the hardware it’s not like I said. :slight_smile:

eMC tells me nothing.

You can try to use Opera Mail or Thunderbird to import your emails - both of these have the same format of mailboxes (only different file extension), then import Thunderbird/Opera format to eM Client may be faster.

But it’s only guessing. It may also takes the same time.

Thanks, I’ll think I prefer 12 days stay on the ball, I think it will not go faster, that program appears not to be created for such large amounts of data ansich. Strange as advertised here for company, while it is sufficient just for private users.

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Starting at Donnerstag 8 P.M

In 12 days I will be a nice video on Youtube have, with my experiences during import with EM client, so what you have to finally make public.

incomprehensible, the import function from the client must have been very poorly written, I hope the rest of the program is better …

this crappy program takes even more than 12 days, Such a dirty code

disappointing how much the program did in 23 hours. What bad code must it be that it takes so long.

Does anyone know of any similar software for Mac OS?

I really don’t feel like it anymore

Here you can see very well that thunderbird mail imported over 20,000 emails in just 5 minutes, while the EM client needed over 24 hours for 28,000 emails.

I’m curious if I like Thundermail, I’ll delete the EM client again, it’s really not worth it to me. <- That says it all, 300,000 e-mails in 2 hours and the EM client doesn’t even manage 10,000 a day.