Import from Windows Live Mail

Downloaded the latest version of eM Client and imported everything from Windows Live Mail which was successful.

The account is of the type IMAP which connects successfully and underneath those folders are the ‘Local Folders’. There was nothing in the ‘Local Folders’ that needs to be seen so chose to hide them.

However doing so means you cannot see the ‘Calendar’ (Current week) or ‘Contacts’. Creating a new email and clicking the ‘To’ button does show the list of contacts correctly though.

Is there a way of hiding ‘Local Folders’ without the ‘Calendar’ and ‘Contacts’ disappearing as well?

If the calendar or contacts are only on your computer, then they are Local Folders. Not displaying Local Folders will therefore not display those sections.

If you want to keep Local Folders hidden, then you will need to move the calendars and contacts online. Then in the same way that the email IMAP folders show above Local Folders, contacts and calendars will do the same.

Then why allow the ‘Contacts’ to appear when clicking on the ‘To’ button when creating a new email?

They would be unable to edit these without showing the ‘Local Folders’ then going to ‘Contacts’, editing the contact then closing the ‘Local Folders’ again.

Hiding or showing Local Folders, has nothing to do with what data is displayed in the new message window. Just because you have decided not to display a section, does not mean that the data has been removed.

Well, if you choose not to display calendars in eM Client, how will you edit the events? The same with hiding a folder of contacts. If you cannot see it, how do you expect to edit it’s contents?

That’s the point. You can see the ‘Contacts’ even with ‘Local Folders’ hidden via the ‘To’ button in a new email.

Anyway it’s a mute point now. I’ve moved to another email program to prevent any more confusion.

Yes, hiding Local Folders means that those folders are not displayed in the main interface. That is all.

Again, it does not remove the contacts, it simply hides a view of certain folders in the main interface. The data is still available when addressing messages, it is just that the folder is not displayed in the main interface.