import from thunderbird

I may have already posted this in the wrong category - sorry. Hi - I’ve just installed the free version of EMC to trial prior to purchasing the full version. It’s installed and offers me the option to import from Outlook or Thunderbird. I choose TB and then the programme seems to freeze - circling wheel, Task Manager say programme is not responding. It is using system resources, but I’ve left it for a couple of hours whilst I’ve been out and no change. Something I should know? Or do differently?

One thing you can try, rather than importing everything at once, is to import selected items a few at a time.

So, when starting eM Client, if it prompts you to import from Thunderbird, just cancel that. Then go to Menu > File > Import > Thunderbird > Import selected folders.

Hi Gary - Thanks for the reply. I’ve already tried that. I had a feeling the problem might be linked to the size of my Thunderbird database. Un fortunately, as soon as I select Thunderbird EMC goes into the same “spinning wheel” mode and I never reach the “Import Selected Folders” page.

It may be some corruption in the Thunderbird message store.

If the data you want is not synced to a server, you could export it from Thunderbird, then import it into eM Client.

For messages, you want an addon like ImportExportTools NG. That will enable you to export the messages and keep the folder structure. What it does is export each folder to a separate mbox file, and that can be imported in eM Client using Menu > File > Import > Mailboxes (.mbox).

Addresses can be exported as CSV files, and calendars as iCal files. Both formats can be imported into eM Client.

Of course if the data is synced with a server, adding the same account in eM Client will sync that data without export/import.