Import from evernote

hello! i exported all notes from evernote to file all.enex
how can i import all.enex in emclient ?

You can’t. eM Client uses a CalDAV format for Notes, so can only import from supported ics format.

maybe you know how to convert evernote to ics ?

Wish I did.

Before version 8 was released, it was announced that the new Notes in eM Client would connect to Evernote, so I converted all my OneNotes to Evernote in preparation. When the beta was released there was no Evernote support as apparently eM Client had decided not to include it after all. There I was with all my notes in Evernote so I had to manually copy and paste the content across to eM Client, which took ages.

Maybe someone now has a solution, but at the time I did a lot of searching and never found one ;-(